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Facilities Steering Committee Meeting #2

The Facilities Steering Committee met last night for the second time. The meeting was full of information including bond project budgets, the plan and schematic for a new middle school, finance overview & bonding capacity, and lots of discussion about the potential for calling a bond.
As you will recall, another FSC met throughout the 2019-2020 school year and a bond was called for May 2020. After postponement due to COVID, the bond was subsequently cancelled due to the continued economic uncertainty.
This spring, a FSC was called together once again to assess facility needs. The potential bond package has now been modified to address building a new middle school at the same location due to the age of the building. The committee will make a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees on for before August 16th for a November election.
To see the full presentations from the first two meetings, visit our website: