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Oct. 20 UIL Academics, Speech, and Debate Results

On Saturday, October 20, the GHS UIL Academics, Speech, and Debate students competed at the Juan Seguin Invitational.  The Speech and Debate teams competed for the 3rd time this year and this was the first Academics meet of the season.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Speech and Debate:
Congress: Mati Rigsby (1st) 
CX: Dillon Edington* and Faith Williams (3rd) 
*Dillon Edington also received a Best Speaker Award 
Prose: Jake Conner (1st) and Lily Tate (3rd) 
Poetry: Niaomi Dawson (1st), Andrew Carroll (2nd), Katherine McNally (3rd)

Copy Editing: Lily Kemp (4th), Elijah Chisholm (6th) 
Editorial writing: Lily Kemp (1st), Joshua Torres (3rd), Elijah Chisholm (6th) 
Feature Writing: Lily Kemp (5th), Joshua Torres (6th) 
Headline Writing: Lily Kemp (4th), Elijah Chisholm (5th) 
News Writing: Lily Kemp (6th)
Spelling and Vocab: Hayli Stephens (5th), Lauren Fleniken (6th)