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UIL Academics District Results

GHS UIL ACADEMICS had a very busy weekend and we have students and coaches to celebrate for their hard work and advancement to Region!!!

Speech & Debate Events:
Extemp- Coached by Ms. Waldo 
Informative- Tucker Craft 4th place (alternate)
Persuasive- Antony Larraga 4th place (alternate)


LD Debate- Coached by Mr. Marchman
Tucker Craft 4th place (alternate)
Briston Rains 6th place


Poetry- Coached by Ms. Sims
Niaomi Dawson 1st place (Region Qualifier)
Andrew Carroll 2nd place (Region Qualifier)
Katherine McNally 6th place


Prose- Coached by Ms. Sims
Jade Conner 1st place (Region Qualifier)


Academic Events

Calculator Apps- Coached by Me. Blankenship
Daniel Buenos Aires 5th place


Computer Apps- Coached by Ms Waldo
Evan Cook 4th place (alternate)


Current Events- Coached by Mr. Whitson
1st place team (Region Qualifier): Tucker Craft, Anthony Larraga, Maria Mendez, and Hayli Stephens 
Tucker Crafter 4th place individually (alternate)


Number Sense- Coached by Mr. Bevers
1st place team (Region Qualifier): Dillon Edington, Harvey Ruvalcaba, Brendan Hoberer, and Tre Benedict.
Dillon Eddington 1st place Individually (Region Qualifier)


Social Studies- Coached by Mr. Burrow
Anthony Larraga 6th place


Spelling- Coached by Ms Hogye
Lauren Fleniken 3rd place (Region Qualifier)


Journalism Events: Coached by Mr
Glover and assisted by Mrs. Dyson


Copy Editing- Lily Kemp 1st place (Region Qualifier) and Harmony Rutherford 2nd place (Region Qualifier)


Editorial Writing- Joshua Torres 3rd place (Region Qualifier) and Taryn Jones 5th place


Feature Writing- Taryn Jones 5th place and Joshua Torres 6th place


Headline Writing- Joshua Torres 5th place


News Writing- Harmony Rutherford 5th place


Way to go UIL Leopards!!!!