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Superintendent Advisory Committee

The SAC met in person for the first time this year! Typically, the group meets over lunch with Dr. Stewart several times throughout the year. However, this year, all meetings were held outside of the school day via Zoom. This group of students represent all grade levels at GHS as well as a variety of student organizations and interests. It was nice to bring the group together to enjoy lunch and reflect on the happenings at GHS this year and also share ideas of some things the students want to see in the future. In addition, the two newest Board of Trustees members, Latecia Hendricks and Dan Doss, were welcomed into the group to join in on the conversation and share about themselves and their roles in the community and at GISD. As a thank you for their efforts throughout the year, the SAC members were each presented with a new patch for their letter jackets!


Seniors: Daniel Buenos Aires, Melody Rutherford, Pshylah Kemp

Juniors: Debora Castillo, Desmond Pouncil, Whitney Dosher, Marissa Andujo

Sophomores: Zyla Alonso, Leonardo Elias, Alexa Green

Freshman: Cadence Hubbard, Jesse Luna, Daniel Quevedo