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GHS Collegiate Academy Graduates

Gainesville ISD is proud to partner with North Central Texas College to offer a wide variety of dual credit options, including academic and career and technical courses.  Dual Credit is an opportunity for 9th - 12th grade students to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. To be eligible for dual credit, GHS students must be approved by the high school counselor and must meet TSIA2 college readiness scores as mandated by the state of Texas. Each semester, GHS has approximately 160 students who are enrolled in academic dual credit courses.

Students who choose the academic dual credit route have several options for taking college courses, two of which require joining the Collegiate Academy in 9th grade and following a dual credit course plan for all four years.  The first option to earn an Associate of Arts degree by completing 60 college credit hours. The second option is to complete 42 college credit hours to be considered “core complete” and have a block of courses that can be transferred to any public university in Texas. The advantage of both of these options is that students can enter a university with one-third of their bachelor’s degree complete.

The GHS Class of 2021 had 13 students who completed the Collegiate Academy.  Six students earned an Associate of Arts degree: Daniel Buenos Aires, Eduardo Diaz, Kaitlyn Beane, Desiree Stephens, Danica West, Lily Kemp and seven students are dual credit core complete:  Anthony Larraga, Ximena Zapata, Andrea Barcenas, Sofia Collantes, Harmony Rutherford, Tramera Bynum, Jasper Conner.

Associate of Arts graduates

core complete graduates