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Important Reminders-Email to parents 8/13/2020

Reminders for parents (August 13)

For the safety of our students, all water fountains will be inaccessible going forward. Parents are encouraged to send a labeled water bottle with their student each day.  Because the water fountains will be inaccessible to refill the bottles as needed, additional bottled water will be available for students throughout the day.  New touchless, hands-free bottle refill stations have been ordered for placement throughout the district, but due to high demand causing a delay in shipment, these will not arrive for several weeks. When the stations are installed, parents will be notified. In the meantime, we assure you that all of our students will have adequate access to drinking water.  



If your child will need bus transportation to and/or from school, please submit your request online no later than 5pm Friday, August 14.  Due to social distancing requirements and limited bus capacity, it is now more important than ever to plan accordingly for the correct number of bus riders. 


To ensure student safety, the temperatures of all bus riders will be taken PRIOR to boarding the bus. A student with an elevated temperature (after multiple checks) will not be allowed to board the bus. Parents will be notified and the bus will remain until the parent and/or district police have safely returned the student to their residence.  In addition, all bus riders must wear a mask.  If a student does not have a mask, one will be provided. 

As a reminder, Head Start and Pre-K students are not eligible for bus transportation.

Click this link to submit your request for bus transportation:

Beginning this year, parents can now track your child's route and see exact pick up and drop off times. As the first day of school approaches, these times will be adjusted. Once your child's request (see above) is processed, you can see all transportation details on the portal. This will be an important messaging tool for the transportation department throughout the year.

Set up your Ride 360 bus portal today! Click this link to register for Ride 360 and don’t forget to download the app: Ride 360



Meals will be provided via curbside pick up for students who are receiving virtual instruction.  However, until we receive additional communication from the Texas Department of Agriculture, we can not finalize these plans. We will have two site locations for pick up, one being Edison and the other to be determined.  As soon as we receive additional information, parents will be notified. 


The new online application for free & reduced meals is live! The application, available in English and Spanish,  is linked on the Child Nutrition website as well as the Back-to-School webpage in addition to the links below. As a reminder, the free or reduced meal status for returning GISD students will remain active through the first 30 days of school. For new GISD students and those who are newly qualified, please complete the application asap to ensure the reduced/free meals are available on the first day of school. 

Click this link to complete a free/reduced meal application


To add money to your child’s meal money account, visit or download the app!  The link can also be easily accessed through the GISD mobile app. 

As a reminder, breakfast is free for all students, with the exception of high school.  

Click this link to view/add money to your child’s meal account.

Menus are now available!  At this time, meal menus are available for the first two weeks of school.  As the year progresses and availability of food items is determined, meals will be posted online in 21-day cycles.
Click this link to view the menus, which are available on the child nutrition website and easily accessible on the GISD mobile app. 



For parents of virtual learners who did not complete the request for a student device prior to the 8/7 deadline and are currently registered for virtual learning, the request form was reopened on Wednesday, August 12 and will close at 5pm on Friday, August 14.  If you have a device at home, there is no need to request a school device.  The device distribution for those who complete a request from August 12-August 14 will take place the week of August 17.

Click this link if you still need to request a device