Leader in Me Job Descriptions

  • Leopard Student Leader (3rd,& 4th only) – Go to events in the community to represent school, assist with building leadership events, welcome new students & visitors, & more. Serve as host/hostess for school events. Introduce speakers for the events. You are the Master of Ceremonies for the Variety Show and other assemblies.       

    Flag Leaders – Put up flags in the morning and take down flags in the afternoon.

    Photography Leaders (4th only)- Go to events and take pictures of all the great activities on campus.

    Clean Up Leaders- Help with things around Chalmers. Clean up after programs, rallies, and parent nights. Help keep Chalmers Campus Clean.

    Announcement Leaders – (3rd and 4th only) Provide daily announcements. Report at 7:55   

    School Store Leader – (3rd and 4th only) Select items to order. Create the price of the items. Create a menu of items and their prices. Create a display for the new items. Work at the store and monitor the supplies to determine when we need to place orders.  

    Recycler – Make sure every classroom has a recycling box, empty recycling weekly, sort recycling, call recycling center when bins are full and need picked up.

    Greeting/Dismissal Leaders Greet parents and students at the front doors and bus doors each morning from 7:35am-7:50am. You will politely greet parents, visitors, and students each morning as well as hold the door open for them. You may also have to direct new guests to the building of a specific location.

    Lost and Found Leaders Would help get lost items to the lost and found box and show off the items every last school day of the week during the last 5 minutes of lunch.  This should help in reducing the # of items in the box. 

    Wheeler Assisted Living Leaders Go once a month to the Wheeler Place and read to patients.