•  Welcome to the Nurse's Office

    Screening will be performed on ALL 7th grade students during September. Screening will also be completed on 8th graders who are new to GJH.  This includes the recording of height & weight along with vision & hearing screening.  For the 7th graders, it also includes screening for Acanthosis Nigricans.  This is based on a ring of pigmentation at the back of the neck.  It usually occurs in children who are overweight and can be an indicator of Type II Diabetes.   
    Another important aspect of my job is to ensure that each and every student has the required immunizations for school attendance.   State law requires all 7th graders to have a Tdap booster, varicella booster, and an MCV4 immunization.  Letters will be sent to parents of all 6th graders at Lee Intermedate informing them of the needed immunizations. 
    During the spring time, our abstinence education occurs  for all 7th/8th grade students.  Again,  parents will receive a letter prior to the presentation and parents do have the opportunity to remove their child from the instruction. 
    Please feel free to call me anytime with questions or concerns.
    Bonnie Cox