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    The Gainesville ISD DIGITAL 1:1 Program Handbook has been designed to answer many common questions regarding student-issued technology devices. Gainesville ISD students are issued personal-learning devices for their instructional, school-related communication, and assignment needs. We are glad to help all Gainesville ISD parents/guardians if there are questions or concerns regarding the use of the assigned student device.


    Definition of Terms

    In this summary, terms such as “you” and “your” refer to the enrolled Gainesville ISD student. Terms such as “we,” “us,” “District,” and “our” refer to Gainesville Independent School District. Terms such as “property,” “device,” “tablet(s)” and “computer(s)” refer to the student-issued learning device.


    Devices Issued to Students

    Students in grades 5 through 12 will be issued the following items:

    ● Chromebook and Chromebook power supply

    ● Device Case

    Prohibited Device Loaning and Borrowing

    ● Do NOT loan the device to other students.

    ● Do NOT borrow a device from another student.

    ● Do NOT share passwords or usernames with any program for any reason.



    Students are expected to come to school each day with a fully charged device battery. A limited number of electrical outlets will be within reach and/or available during the school day to charge a low battery.

    Students are expected to properly use, care for and store their devices. This includes, but is not limited to:

    ● Using the device on a hard, flat surface. Leaving a device on a soft surface (blankets, pillows, furniture) can lead to overheating and damage.

    ● Caring for and preventing damage to the power cord.

    ● Refraining from applying any stickers, paint, glitter, or other decorations. The laptop is the property of the district and should not be altered.

    ● Refrain from removing or covering the Gainesville ISD asset tags on the bottom of the device or power cord. 

    Damage Fees

    We understand that damage can and does occur. The following fee schedule for damage is shown below.

    1st Incident: $0 if usage fee paid in full (unless malicious/purposeful intent or gross negligence is evident)

    2nd Incident: $30 if usage fee paid in full (unless malicious/purposeful intent or gross negligence is evident)

    All other incidents: Full cost of repair or replacement cost of device


    Chargers & Cases

    In the event of a lost or damaged charger, an incident (see above) may be used or a fee for the cost of the replacement charger or case may be assessed.



    What Happened


    Administrative Action

    1st Incident

    Accidental Damage


    Letter to parents

    Intentional Damage

    Repair $100 (if possible)

    Replacement $225 (beyond repair)

    Parent/guardian meeting with school administration required

    Lost/damaged charger or case





    Parent/guardian meeting with school administration required



    1) Parent/guardian must file report with GISD Police

    2) Parent/guardian meeting with school administration required

    2nd or subsequent incidents

    Accidental damage


    Letter to parents

    Intentional damage

    Repair $100 (if possible)

    Replacement $225 (beyond repair)

    Parent/guardian meeting with school administration required

    Lost/damaged charger or case





    Parent/guardian meeting with school administration required



    1) Parent/guardian must file report with GISD Police

    2) Parent/guardian meeting with school administration required

    Device Security

    The Campus/District will enact the following security measures:

    1. Each device will be inventoried with a Gainesville ISD identification tag. Tampering with or removing any identification tags may result in disciplinary action.

    2. Students will be taught device security, safety, and expectations for use.

    3. The District will work with the Gainesville ISD School Resource Officers and the Gainesville Police Department to alert area pawn shops and police departments of this District-owned equipment.

    4. A Gainesville ISD Google Apps for Education account will be necessary to log on to the device, this limits its use should the device be stolen or sold.


    Reporting a Stolen or Vandalized Device

    1. In case of theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts against the device, the student or the student’s guardian MUST file a report with the Gainesville Police Department within 48 hours (two days) of the event. In addition, a copy of the police report must be submitted to campus administration.

    2. Some homeowner insurance policies may cover devices lost in a home fire. The police/fire report number must be presented to campus administration within seven (7) days of the fire.


    Reporting a Lost Device

    Report any lost device to campus administration as quickly as possible. The cost of the lost device will need to be covered in full before a new device is issued.


    Device Insurance

    As a part of the Device Usage fee, the campus/District provides insurance against loss, theft of, or damage to the devices.


    Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts and repairs are purchased and installed by the district technology department. Student or parent/guardian parts purchases and/or repairs are not permitted. We ask families not to repair damaged devices as the repair could void any device warranty.


    Terms of Device Loan

    Students will comply at all times with the Gainesville ISD DIGITAL 1:1 Program Handbook and the Gainesville ISD Acceptable Use Policies. Any failure to comply may immediately terminate a student’s ability to possess and use the device. In addition, the District may confiscate the device and restrict the student’s network access. The device belongs to, and shall always belong to, Gainesville ISD. The device will be returned at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal from Gainesville ISD.

    Students and families should understand that at any time the device may be reclaimed by campus and/or District administration for regular, random, or targeted inspections and investigations. Parents and students should submit to such action without hesitation.


    Student Device Training

    All students will receive general and specific training on the proper use of the device. Should any student believe he/she would benefit from additional training, the District technology staff will gladly provide assistance. Parents/guardians should maintain continual communication with their student regarding his/her digital-skills development and comfort level with the device.



    Failure to return the device or using it for non-school purposes without the District’s consent may be considered unlawful appropriation of District property.


    Problems with the Device

    Gainesville ISD is committed to students having the ability to continue their work when a device is experiencing problems. Students are required to report any device issues to their teacher. Teachers will follow-up with appropriate campus/District staff to resolve the problem.

    1. Classroom/Library Computers: The District has limited numbers of desktop computers in some classrooms and in the campus library. Students can use these computers if they do not have their device. Student accounts will remain active at all times unless there are disciplinary consequences in effect.

    2. Device Exchange: If a student’s device becomes inoperable through no fault of the student, Gainesville ISD may provide a “loaner” device, which may be available for use during the school day only. However, students may be without a “take-home” device while repairs to the inoperable device are made.

    Students may submit an online technical issue report from the DIGITAL 1:1 website.


    Inappropriate Content

    There are many Internet sites that can be alarming or potentially dangerous to minors. These sites are blocked while students are logged on to the District network. Students are in violation of District policy if they attempt to access these sites or attempt to bypass the filter. Parents/guardians should closely monitor student home Internet access even though the devices will be filtered when they are not on the District network.

    1. Any inappropriate content, as defined by the Gainesville ISD Acceptable Use Policy, will not be allowed on District devices.

    2. Items such as, but not limited to, the presence of weapons, pornographic content, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, gang-related symbols or pictures can result in disciplinary actions.


    Internet Filters

    The Gainesville ISD student devices have an Internet filter that travels with the device. This filter blocks inappropriate sites, as well as some common non-educational sites. The Internet filter should not block appropriate, educational sites. If an appropriate, educational site is blocked, please report that to the classroom teacher, and that site will be reviewed. Students attempting to go around, proxy through, or tamper with the Internet filter will be in violation of the stated acceptable use guidelines and will face disciplinary consequences that may include a temporary or permanent loss of device privileges.


    Home Internet Use

    Students are encouraged to use the device and the Internet at home as a part of instructional programs in Gainesville ISD.

    Within Gainesville, there are several public access points where District devices can easily and legally connect to a cost-free Internet connection. The Gainesville Public Library System and several businesses have wireless networks available for public use.

    In addition, there are affordable home internet service solutions for qualifying students in this area from the following providers. Click on company names below to visit their site to see what each offers.


    Return of Device

    Devices will be returned to the home campus the last week of school for updates and maintenance. Students leaving the district or graduating must return their device and pay all outstanding fees.



    Gainesville ISD Acceptable Use Policies

    All parents/guardians and students must agree to follow\ the Digital 1:1 Student Device program to check out a Chromebook. 

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