Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Gainesville ISD Curriculum and Instruction department coordinates and oversees the district curriculum, instruction, local and state assessments, and the professional development of teachers, administrators, and staff across the district.  The department works closely with campus principals and teachers to design and implement engaging  learning opportunities to enhance student learning while equipping them with skills to last them a lifetime at all GISD campuses.  The curriculum components are based on best practice models from top researchers. Lessons are all aligned with the TEKS and each lesson meets the highest standards of rigor, relevance and student engagement.

    Students in Gainesville ISD receive a well-rounded education and teachers use the curriculum as a guide for the school year to ensure consistency throughout classrooms and across grade levels.  Teachers also receive professional development each year to stay abreast of best practices and new technologies to engage students in the delivered instruction.  Formative and summative assessment data is utilized to drive and differentiate instruction based on individual student needs and learning styles. 

    LaCreasha Stille
    Assistant Superintendent
    Curriculum and Instruction