Core beliefs

  • Equity – We believe access to a world class education in Gainesville is a right for all not a privilege for a few.  We will never allow race, economic status or our own systems to be barriers to the education all students deserve.

    Excellence – We believe in challenging ourselves and the bar we have created for academic, social and emotional success in Gainesville.  We will always raise the bar by believing that excellence is in our reach but not quite in our hands.

    Diversity – We believe that a diverse student and staff population enriches the learning environment.  We value the unique identity of every adult and student in GISD and will actively seek diversity in all that we do.

    Innovation – We believe we are preparing students for a future we cannot predict.  We must empower students with the tools, leadership and facilities to drive innovation in thought and in action.

    Partnership – We believe strong partnerships are critical to achieving our vision.  Partnerships provide innovative ideas and expertise that benefit our staff, students, families and community.

    Safe and comfortable environment – We are committed to creating a learning environment that is safe, secure and comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Mission & Vision

  • Vision Statement

    Reaching every student every day to be learners and leaders.

    Mission Statement

    We ensure students and staff develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for immediate and future success, through a cooperative effort of school, home and community.