Gainesville ISD SPOTlight

  • Click the images below to view the GISD SPOTlight magazine. Printed copies are available at any campus or district office.

    GISD is excited to showcase our students and staff in the Gainesville ISD "SPOTlight" magazine, which is published twice per year.  The magazine was created to engage and inform our Gainesville community of the many great things happening at GISD every day. We are excited to tell new stories and highlight the amazing opportunities we have to offer our students! 

    The “SPOTlight” printed magazines can be found at any of our campuses, our administration building, and throughout our community in various businesses and city offices.

    WINTER 2021 MAGAZINE COVER  summer 2021 spotlight magazine  link to spotlight magazine      

    We hope you find the magazine informative and inspiring and we look forward to our next publication! Contact Leslie at 940-665-4362 or about available advertising opportunities.