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    Gainesville ISD is launching a new Facebook series to spotlight graduates of Gainesville High School! We want to know what you are doing now and how your education in GISD made a difference in your life. This series is open to all Gainesville High School graduates. If you would like to nominate an outstanding GHS alumni, please share this opportunity with them!

    Alumni will be recognized in three categories:

    • Alumni who are currently working in the field of education. #leopardsteach
    • Alumni who are making significant contributions to society, through career, military service, or volunteer work.  #leopardsdobigthings
    • Alumni who graduated from college or trade school in December 2023 or will be graduating in May 2024. #leopardsontheprowl

    To be featured in the Leopards Forever Facebook series, please complete the questions and upload a picture in the google form.  The link can also be found in the box to the right labeled "Share your story".  If you have any questions, please email communications@gainesvilleisd.com.  


  • Share Your Story
  • Follow the series on facebook Search for our hashtags: #leopardsforever #leopardsteach #leopardsdobigthings #leopardsontheprowl