• Two-Way Dual Language Enrichment Program

    Two-way immersion is a form of dual language that combines students from two language groups while providing instruction in both languages. The (PK-6) classes are comprised of approximately 40% native English speakers and 60% native Spanish speakers. Students learn the academic curriculum through both languages simultaneously. Students serve as language models for each other, while accelerating their learning.

    The primary goal of GISD’s Two-Way Dual Language Enrichment Program is to allow all students to realize the full benefits of bilingualism, which include enhanced cognitive ability, increased academic achievement, heightened multicultural appreciation and understanding, and a competitive edge in the increasingly global society of the 21st century.

    Multiple assessment measures, as well as teacher and parent input, are considered when deciding a student’s continuation or discontinuation of the dual language program. Ultimately, we want to ensure that each student receives the best possible educational outcome and, for some students, this means discontinuing their participation in a two-way dual language program.

    Goals of the Program

    • High Academic Achievement
    • Bilingualism
    • Bi-literacy
    • Multiculturalism

    Program Information:

    • Implementation began in 2017-18 with Kindergarten students at Edison Elementary School.
    • Per state requirements, all teachers providing instruction in a two-way dual language enrichment program must be bilingual education certified for the component of the program provided in a language other than English. Additionally, all teachers must be English as a Second Language certified for the component of the program provided in English.
    • Teaching partnerships are established by two teachers, with one providing instruction in English and the other in Spanish.
    • Two classes alternate subjects between the two teachers.
    • The ratio of English to Spanish speakers in each class will be maintained as close to 40% to 60% as possible per requirements set by the state.
    • Class size ranges from 18-22 students per class.
    • GISD curriculum will be followed. It may be necessary to adjust the pacing of the curriculum to meet the unique needs of second language learners.

    GISD curriculum is enhanced with specific language objectives to accommodate the “second language” need.

    • Student’s reading, writing, and oral language are assessed in Spanish and English.
    • Grades are based on assessments in the student’s dominant language.
    • Students participate in all district and state assessments.
    • It is recommended that the parent/student commit to the program until junior high.
    • All students must be available for assessment prior to the beginning of school.
    • Parents are not required to be bilingual for student participation in the program.



    • This is a bilingual program funded by the state and federal government and therefore must adhere to all requirements. The enrollment ratio of native English speakers to native Spanish speakers (ELL –English Language Learners) as set by the State is 40% native English speakers to 60% native Spanish speakers.
    • Per state guidelines, enrollment in the program is only available to Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students depending on available space, state required enrollment ratio, and Oral Language Proficient Test performance.
    • Students in 2nd-6th grade who have participated in two-way dual language programs in other districts may enroll in the program depending on available space, state required enrollment ratio, and Oral Language Proficient Test performance.