Online Student Registration

  • Click here to log in to Parent Portal 

    As a reminder, our district accepts new and returning student registration online through parent portal. Names, addresses and other personal information will be filled in automatically, decreasing the time required to complete these required forms.  If you have any changes to phone numbers or addresses, please make those updates as you are registering for the new year.  It is imperative that we have correct contact information for each student. 

    To register, simply go to the GISD website, click on parents, and sign in to your parent portal account (or click the link above). If you have not created a parent portal account for your student, you will need your child's parent portal ID to create the account.  Contact your child's school to get the parent portal ID.

    Once you are logged in, you will see an orange button on the top left. Click this button to begin registration.  If this button is not clickable, then the email address on file at the school does not match your email address in parent portal. Call your child's campus and the office staff can help by correcting your email address.

    Edison Elementary 940-665-6091
    Chalmers Elementary 940-665-4147
    Gainesville Intermediate  940-668-6662
    GJH  940-665-4062
    GHS 940-665-5528