Long Range Facilities Planning

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    The Future of Gainesville ISD
    The Gainesville ISD Board of Trustees and district administration have been proactively planning for the district’s future and have been studying the district’s projected growth and other aging and evolving facility needs. This, in conjunction with the district’s belief in creating a collaborative culture in which all stakeholders may be a part of discussions regarding the district’s future, has led the district to organize the Long Range Facility Planning Committee.


    Purpose of the Long Range Facility Planning Committee

    The Gainesville ISD Long Range Facility Planning Committee will serve in a temporary advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and Administration to:

    • Consider the educational needs of all students and align with the district’s mission, vision and goals
    • Represent the entire community, its values and perceptions in the facility-planning process
    • Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including new construction, renovations and capital improvements
    • Bring forward recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to how to address the district’s facility needs, including what should be included and how much money should be requested in a possible bond election

    The committee will engage in discussions about:

    • Demographic Reports and Enrollment Projections
    • Existing Facility Conditions
    • Grade Alignment
    • School Finance
    • Bonding Capacity & Impact of a Potential Bond
    • Building Needs, Potential Solutions & Cost Analysis
    • Results of the Community Survey
    • Priorities for Gainesville ISD Facilities


    The  Long Range Facility Planning Committee (LRFPC) process is designed to be open and transparent. All LRFPC meetings will be open to the public. Non-committee members in attendance are invited to sit in the designated section for visitors and to listen, but not verbally participate. The non-committee members are encouraged to submit their questions and/or comments in writing on note cards that will be available at each meeting. Those questions and comments will be shared with the committee members and the Board of Trustees. Answers will be communicated via email to guests who provide an email address on the note card.






Meeting Dates